Join The Solution Fact Sheet

What is it?

Join the Solution is a grant funded research project that seeks to improve access to services for children and adolescents in Northwest Arkansas schools.

Who are we?

Join the Solution is a group of researchers whose primary mission is to provide the public with an opportunity to offer their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions with respect to the unmet needs of students.

What is the purpose?

It is the purpose of Join The Solution to better understand the mental, physical, and basic needs of students in the school system. With the gathered data, we intend to design and implement necessary solutions that meet the needs of students in our area. While we do not know exactly what those solutions will be, we can speculate that they will revolve around easier access to services (e.g., health and prevention programs, consistent care, training for providers).

Why is this important? 

Numerous studies (Blacksin & Kelly, 2015;Coley, Lynch & Kull, 2015) highlight the importance of improving students' mental and physical health, while ensuring their basic needs are met. In order to provide the best outcome, we need your voice to get a better understanding of the needs in our community.

What districts are involved?

Research efforts will be directed towards all school districts in Northwest Arkansas. Data will be collected on students of all ages, kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

Who will benefit?

Results from this study will benefit all of Northwest Arkansas. Specifically, we hope to assist administrators, teachers, staff, and parents to care for the mental, physical, and basic needs of students. Additionally, the results will help agencies and organizations that provide direct care within schools. 

How are you funded?

The Endeavor Foundation is a professionally staffed organization dedicated to strengthening the quality of life for the hundreds of thousands of people who call Northwest Arkansas home. 

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What is the timeline? 

The project began in June 2015 and will be complete in May 2016, following several key milestones. First, Join The Solution will collect data from schools (from teachers, administrators, parents, etc.) and organizations providing services within the schools. Beginning in January 2016, data will be analyzed in order to propose solutions by May 2016. 

For questions, please call Nikki Rader at 479-717-7647 or email at