About Us

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About Us: Join the Solution is a one-year research project in Northwest Arkansas assessing the mental health services, physical health services, and the distribution of basic needs (e.g., food, clothing, transportation) to students in NWA. The project focuses on students k-12 in the NWA Region.

Join the Solution is asking all administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and organizations providing services in the school to offer their observations and opinions regarding the current state of services to students. Additionally, we would like to hear your ideas and solutions to problems you have observed with respect to the distribution, access, or quality of these services. Your voice is vital in order to help Join The Solution understand and recognize where improvements can be made.  With your support and contributions, we can work together in order to provide the best possible solution for Northwest Arkansas. 

Mission: To identify the mental, physical, and basic needs of children in Northwest Arkansas, and to improve access to services.

Vision: A community where every child has access to sufficient resources within their community and receives the necessary care for their mental, physical, and basic needs.